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Info for Parents
Our Staff
Dare 2B Fit Summer Camp is a traditional Day-Camp offered in weekly sessions. We combine sports and physical activity in a fun and healthy atmosphere. Campers are grouped according to age and grade level. Upon request, campers can be moved up or down according to their skill levels.  

Our programs are the same duration as a typical school day. Our program offers plenty of games and activities for the participants, and they will be changing activities every 25-30 minutes. The variation of activities keeps participants involved and alert. Participants take water/bathroom breaks throughout the day, as well as lunch and snack breaks. Parents are always welcome to visit.
Dare 2B Fit Summer Camp has been in business for over 9 years. We began at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in 2005. In 2009, we moved to St. Paul's UM Chuch Athletic Facilities and we couldn't be more pleased! Our campers have access to an air-conditioned gymnasium, a youth room, athletic fields and blacktop areas. We do not close for heat or rain.
Dare 2B Fit Summer Camp is run by fully certified Elementary Education teachers. Our staff also includes young adults with skills in academics, athletics, and leadership.

Our coaches make a significant difference to your child’s camp experience. Chosen for their strong personal character, responsibility, and capacity to effectively communicate to youth, our staff will make the extra effort every time to ensure that your children have the best camp experience, emphasize teamwork, and learn life skills through sports.

The staff at D2BF Camp is CPR trained and has undergone a thorough background search in order to assure that we continue to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our campers.
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Mailing Address:
613 Butler Avenue
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
Campers are grouped according to age and grade. The average team size is 15, although it may vary daily as well as weekly. Your child will have the guidance of a coach as well as a CIT (counselor in training).
We do not provide breakfast or lunch options and we cannot accommodate requests to heat, warm, or cook meals. Campers must bring their own lunch. For your convenience, we have snacks and drinks available to purchase: water, Gatorade, and individual snacks which vary according to availability.
What to Bring
Gear to Bring:
     Appropriate clothing, water bottle, running shoes and sunscreen.

Food To Bring:
     Lunch, Snack & Water Bottle
      *snacks, water, and sports drinks are available to purchase
Daily Activities
Activities will vary based on interest, age and ability of campers. 
All activities are held indoors on rainy days - we do not close for bad weather!
Each activity lasts approximately 30 minutes but may be shortened during excessive heat.

Sports include: wiffleball, basketball, lacrosse, pillo-polo hockey, kickball, badminton, newcomb volleyball, team handball, pickleball (tennis variation), soccer, football, frisbee, and jailhouse.

Games include: parachute activities, bowling, hula-hoop and jumproping, dancing, limbo, wellness walking, tag and chase games, team challenges, free play, and board games.